The ProcureCon CPO Study 2022: Developing the Core Executive Skillset for Procurement

The ProcureCon CPO Study 2022 - Developing the Core Executive Skillset for ProcurementThe ProcureCon CPO study is an annual research report committed to highlighting the thought processes and strategies impacting top-level decision-makers within the procurement organization. Featuring responses from some leaders who are responsible for $1 billion or more in annual spend under management, this report provides an important glance into the world of high-level procurement at the vanguard of the profession.

Thanks to the activities of CPOs, jobs have been saved and organizations have been allowed to pivot into strategies that work for the business despite a preponderance of risks within the global supply chain. This year’s installation explores how CPOs’ focus areas have changed over the past year and what priorities they are setting for their organizations’ continuing transformations.

Here, readers will learn what challenges today’s CPOs face in 2022 and what solutions they’ll put in place to maintain an agile and valuable procurement function.

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