Procurement Organizations of the Future

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Our unique and forward-thinking content continues in our Procurement Organizations of the Future Insights series where we focus on providing our expertise related to human-centric issues and challenges within the procurement space. 

  • A Human-centered Approach to Managing Relationships with Suppliers
    Procurement organizations manage an often-complex web of relationships with suppliers and vendors, connecting with these external partners to resolve cost disputes, create or renew agreements, discuss, resolve operational issues, and ensure the business continues to procure the goods or services that they need to do their job at a fair price.
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  • A Human-centered Approach to Managing Internal Procurement Relationships
    Procurement organizations do not operate in siloes. We as procurement professionals work within the structure of much larger organizations that bring in other internal departments and stakeholders daily.
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  • A Human-centered Approach to Supplier Diversity
    Diversity doesn’t live solely within the walls of your company. Supplier diversity programs identify potential suppliers that can inject a high level of diverse goods and services into the supply chain, thereby increasing vendor competition, improving the quality of goods and services, creating greater resiliency and agility, and potentially cutting costs.
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  • A Human-centered Approach to Esg Goals
    An inclusive procurement strategy leverages marketplace opportunities to build strong, forward-thinking, dynamic teams that are diverse, inclusive, and put people on par with profits. By paying attention to ESG responsibilities, equity can make procurement organizations more adaptable and forward-looking–an important advantage in shifting supply chain environments.
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  • Adapt or Fall Behind: How to Reskill and Upskill Your Procurement Team Amid Rapid Change
    Procurement is rapidly changing with the introduction of innovative technologies and procurement trends that will revolutionize the way organizations operate. In the coming decade, procurement teams will need to reorient their skillsets to adapt to this ever-changing landscape.
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